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Social Recruitment

In order to meet the development needs of the company, we are looking for the following positions:

1. Sales manager in the domestic region: a number of college graduates or above, under the age of 35, with experience in the industry is preferred (new graduates are also available). Work is full of passion, communication skills, and can adapt to national business trips. Aspiring young people can apply.

(Ration: The basic salary is 3000+, and the annual salary is 200,000. Do you dare?!).

2. Foreign trade sales regional manager: a number of college graduates or above, with experience in the industry is preferred (excellent fresh graduates are also available). With a college English level 6 or a professional level 4, strong communication skills, able to communicate with foreign customers, can travel independently to foreign countries. (treatment negotiable)

3. After-sales engineers: several names.

 * 3 years of work experience, with knowledge of electrical and automatic control;

 * Can work hard, be able to adapt to long-term business trips, have strong sense of responsibility, have good teamwork and communication skills, and obey the company arrangement.

 * Have relevant after-sales work experience in the mechanical industry, familiar with PET blowing process is preferred. (treatment: negotiable)

4. Clerk: 5 people.

* Technical secondary school or above, good image quality, under 30 years old;

* Be serious, careful, and responsible;

* Skilled in using office software such as office;

* Service-oriented, able to adapt to large work pressures;

* Smart and flexible, with strong communication and coordination skills. (treatment: negotiable.)